Voice and Data Carrier Rules and Regulations

  1. Below is a list of Voice & Data Carriers with a physical presence in the building:

    1990 N. California Blvd. (YC1): ATT, Comcast
    2033 N. Main Street (YC2): ATT, Verizon, Comcast
    2001 N. Main Street (YC3): ATT, Comcast
  2. The Riser Manager for Ygnacio Center is IMG Riser Management; any vertical cable pulls in the riser closets are to be done by IMG, or at minimum, supervised by IMG. Such work can be coordinated directly through IMG who will alert Property Management. IMG can be reached at: 877-611-8908 or When contacting IMG, reference your specific building location at Ygnacio Center so they may direct you to a knowledgeable technician familiar with the building.
  3. Please confirm with the Property Management Office that the proper insurance documentation is on-file for vendors prior to their arrival. Work may not begin until these documents have been received.
  4. Please advise vendors and their technicians to report to the Property Management Office prior to starting work in order to obtain the proper access forms.