Any visitors that arrive during non-business hours will need to sign in and out at the security desk and will require tenant escort to their destination. Please submit all visitors and delivery activity information into our Contactless Entry feature in Angus, if you are aware of such schedules in advance, so that we may alert Security on our authorized access list.


This Contactless Entry feature allows for visitors to check in with tablets located on each of the lobby security desks. Each visitor email that is included with the submission of new visit receives an email with a QR code, which can be scanned on the tablets to automatically check that visitor in upon arrival. Security may also check visitors in manually, if no email is associated with a scheduled visit. There is an option to add notes for Security, and to include the emails of anyone who wishes to be notified upon a checked-in arrival.


Contractor visits require communication directly to Property Management at a minimum of 48 hours in advance. This also applies to visitors who require Security assistance to access parts of the building beyond the elevators from the lobby. Security is advised to turn away contractors who have not provided communication within this time frame, unless approved by Property Management.