Security – Your Role

Security is present at Ygnacio Center seven days a week, at all hours. You must have your own building access card and your own office key in order to gain entry into your office after business hours. Please anticipate any after-hours access requirements and make appropriate arrangements in advance.

We ask that you take an active role in making Ygnacio Center a safe and comfortable place to work. In multi-tenant buildings such as ours, it is impractical to screen every person who enters the building. Occasionally, a solicitor, vagrant or petty thief will slip in and it will be you who notices their presence. If at any time you notice someone who seems out of place or suspicious in or around the building, please call security immediately by calling (925) 944-9936 with the location and description of that person. This applies to any door-to-door salesperson or “information distributors” as well.


Good ways to discourage thieves include:

  • keeping tempting items such as wallets, purses, personal radios, cell phones and the like either on your person or out of sight;
  • never leaving the reception area unattended with the door unlocked;
  • escorting visitors, including delivery personnel, to inner offices or work areas rather than simply directing them;
  • stopping and challenging strangers in your work area (“Hello, may I help you?”); and
  • immediately reporting to security and/or building management any strangers seen loitering in the building or the loss of any equipment or valuables.