Purpose of Plan


  1. Be familiar with the operation and location(s) of:
    o    Manual Pull Stations/Alarm Boxes
    o    Fire Extinguishers
    o    Stairwells
    o    Exits
    o    Emergency and First Aid Supplies in your suite
    o    Floor Wardens
  2. Have a change of clothes available in case of an earthquake, including comfortable walking shoes and any medications/personal items required for up to 72 hours.
  3. Be familiar with emergency procedures in this tenant guide and any emergency procedures of your company. Take an emergency walk to establish the location of the nearest exits, stairwells, and fire extinguishers on your floor. Read the instructions marked on each fire extinguisher to ensure proper usage. You may not have time to read instructions during an emergency.

Floor Wardens

There must be at least two (2) Floor Wardens per floor and/or two (2) per tenant company plus two (2) alternates. The Floor Wardens have been issued a orange safety vest to be worn for identification purposes during an emergency. Floor Warden pre-emergency duties are as follows:

  1. Be completely familiar with the floor arrangement, the number of tenant occupants and the exact location of exits and stairwells.
  2. Have a working knowledge of the location and use of the emergency equipment within the leased premises.
  3. Assign a responsible person to conduct a search of all restrooms, offices, conference rooms, closets and storage rooms. Ensure that all persons are prepared to respond.
  4. Assign any employees that are physically impaireda responsible person to assist them in an emergency situation. The San Francisco Fire Department also requires that each tenant submit a list of physically impaired persons working in the building to the Property Management Office. Please use the form titled List of Physically Impaired Persons if applicable. This list should include temporary impairments such as a broken leg.
  5. Take a head count following relocation.

After the Floor Wardens have been assigned, please complete the Floor Wardens form and submit it to the Property Management Office. This form should also be used for any changes.