By law and building policy, smoking is prohibited inside the Ygnacio Center at all times. This includes private offices, stairwells, the lobby, restrooms, hidden corners where “no one will ever notice”, weekdays, weekends, holidays, 24 hours a day – in short, every place, every time. Compliance with the law is a requirement of every tenant’s Lease Agreement.

To accommodate our smoking clients, a designated smoking area with ash urns has been set up on the exterior, at a minimum, 25 feet away from each building entrance. We appreciate any help you can offer in encouraging use of this smoking area by your employees.



Hines Statement: Because of our commitment to the safety of all occupants in Hines- managed buildings, until there is conclusive, clinical data that there is no health risk, E-cigarettes should be treated like any smoking or tobacco products; they will not be permitted indoors at any Hines-managed asset.