Checklist of Vendors

This list is intended to help remind you of outside vendors involved in a move. Please remember that all outside vendors must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Building Office, preferably one month prior to the scheduled date of work and/or move. Also, all outside vendor visits to the building must be scheduled in advance with the Building Office as the loading dock areas, freight elevators as well as other considerations must be pre-arranged well in advance.

Possible Vendors may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Moving Company
  • Furniture Retailer, Furniture and/or Office Equipment Assemblers
  • Interior Decorators, Designers, Company Architects
  • Computer Vendors and/or Computer Technical Support and Installers
  • Phone and Data Installers
  • Repair persons
  • Office Supply Delivery People
  • Landscape / Plant Care Service
  • Paper shredding service
  • Off-site document storage service
  • Caterers 

Please remember that this is only a partial list designed to help you remember all of the possible outside vendors involved in your move. There may be outside vendors unique to your company’s move. Please feel free to call the building office with any questions or concerns at (925) 935-2033.