Day of Move: Oversight, Safety, Security and HVAC

An authorized representative of the Tenant must be on the premises to oversee the move from the time that the moving company arrives until the time they leave. Please note that Security and Building Management will not be responsible for providing access to the premises nor shall they be responsible for securing the space afterwards. Under no circumstances will Security or Building Management sign for a delivery of furniture or for any other items in regard to completion of a move in place of a tenant. At Landlord’s sole discretion, depending on the size of the move, a representative from Building Management may be on site during the move.

It is the responsibility of the moving company (and/or outside vendor) and the tenant to perform the move in the safest manner possible. Please avoid blocking the building corridors, entrances and exits and avoid accumulation of combustible materials.

At Management’s sole discretion, Building Management may elect to hire additional security officer coverage to monitor the move and this expense is billable to the tenant.

If ADDITIONAL HVAC is requested, please fill out the Additional HVAC Request form and submit it to the Building Office at least one week prior to your move. All additional HVAC requested for a move will be billable to the tenant.