Tenant Contact Information

Maintaining accurate contact information is imperative for keeping you up-to-date and informed about the property. The Tenant Contact form may be filled out and submitted at any time to indicate changes or updates to your requested contacts.

The following descriptions may be used as a guide when completing the attached forms. Please note that one individual may serve as the contact in several areas. It is also important to remember that the Executive and Day Contacts must be located on- site.

Executive Contact: These individuals are designated as the primary contact in the event of a building emergency, i.e. earthquake, fire, bomb threat, etc. Due to the extreme importance of fast and efficient notifications, it is imperative that this information is current and accurate. The names you provide should have the authority to make decisions on building evacuations and any other life safety measures mandated by the situations.

Day Contact: These individuals are authorized by your firm to call in day-to-day maintenance requests as well as special or overtime service. They are authorized to place requests, which may involve a billback charge to your company. These individuals are our primary contacts for day-to-day communication and should be limited to one or two people to ensure that we are able to respond to your requests effectively.

Lease/Rent Contact: This individual is responsible for your office location with authorization to receive and process notifications regarding rent/lease issues. Rent letters and reconciliation letters are sent to this individual as well.

Receipt of Invoices: This individual is responsible for receiving and processing monthly invoices for above standard services.

IT Contact: This individual is designated as the primary contact for any IT issues.