Green Building Features

Ygnacio Center has worked hard to provide our tenants with a sustainable, innovative, and efficient building. We have obtained LEED Silver status and we are working equally hard to keep, and improve upon it. From reduction of pollution and increasing composting, to bicycle parking, to greenery and plant life in our lobby and plaza, Ygnacio Center believes in bettering the working environment.


Green Building features at Ygnacio Center include:


  • Efficient use of fertilizers and an Integrated Pest Management Plan are utilized on the landscaping
  • Reduced water consumption from drip sprinklers and aerators on faucets
  • Excellent transportation options for reducing carbon output via BART and buses
  • Paper products in the restrooms are made from recycled consumer products. Please compost these products in the restroom and only these products
  • Sustainable cleaning using least-impactful chemicals and microfibers
  • Janitors close blinds to reduce heat load on the weekends and thereby minimizing start up energy and heat ejection on Mondays
  • Materials used to renovate tenant suites use recycled pre and post-consumer content
  • Energy sensing systems utilize machine learning and predictive analytics without sacrificing comfort
  • Garage sweepers recapture almost all water from cleaning


To read more about LEED Certification, please visit:

Hines rolled out a similar program internally in December of 2008 and has since designated over 739 Hines GREEN OFFICES in the United States and Europe, which is more than 32 million square feet of leased space.

"Hines GREEN OFFICE expresses the sustainable approach we have used in our development and management services for decades. Encouraging tenants to make greener choices is just as important as designing healthy, productive and environmentally friendly space. We are pleased to offer this service to our tenants." - Hines President and CEO Jeffrey C. Hines

As always, feel free to contact property management or engineering if we can assist you with anything, and we look forward to hearing of your sustainability achievements.

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